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Guides and Tutorials#

List of third party guides and tutorials for using the kube-rs that holds up to scrutiny.

Title Year Use
Writing a Kubernetes Scheduler in Rust 2023 Scheduler PoC
Writing a Kubernetes Operator 2023 Operator with extension api-server
Oxidizing the Kubernetes operator 2021 Controller guide with finalizers, state machines
A Rust controller for Kubernetes 2021 Introductory; project setup + api use


Title Source Content
Rust operators for Kubernetes PlatformCon 2023 Rust benefits + kubebuilder comparisons
Introduction to rust operators for Kubernetes Cloud Native Skunkworks 2023 Introductory runtime structuring
Lightning Talk: Talking to Kubernetes with Rust KubeCon EU 2023 Introductory; api usage
Why the future of the cloud will be built on Rust Cloud Native Rust Day 2021 Cloud History + Linkerd + Rust Ecosystem Overview
The Hidden Generics in Kubernetes' API KubeCon Virtual 2020 Early stage kube-rs presentation on apimachinery + client-go translation